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no-std schnorr-signatures

Minimal Schnorr signatures crate hosting common code

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Schnorr Signatures

A challenge (and therefore HRAm) agnostic Schnorr signature library. This is intended to be used as a primitive by a variety of crates relying on Schnorr signatures, voiding the need to constantly define a Schnorr signature struct with associated functions.

This library provides signatures of the R, s form. Batch verification is supported via the multiexp crate. Half-aggregation, as defined in https://eprint.iacr.org/2021/350, is also supported.

This library was audited by Cypher Stack in March 2023, culminating in commit 669d2dbffc1dafb82a09d9419ea182667115df06. Any subsequent changes have not undergone auditing.

This library is usable under no_std, via alloc, when the default features are disabled.


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