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Minimal Schnorr signatures crate hosting common code

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Uses new Rust 2021

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Serai is a new DEX, built from the ground up, initially planning on listing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, DAI, and USDC, offering a liquidity pool trading experience. Funds are stored in an economically secured threshold multisig wallet.


  • docs: Documentation on the Serai protocol.

  • crypto: A series of composable cryptographic libraries built around the ff/group APIs achieving a variety of tasks. These range from generic infrastructure, to our IETF-compliant FROST implementation, to a DLEq proof as needed for Bitcoin-Monero atomic swaps.

  • coins: Various coin libraries intended for usage in Serai yet also by the wider community. This means they will always support the functionality Serai needs, yet won't disadvantage other use cases when possible.

  • processor: A generic chain processor to process data for Serai and process events from Serai, executing transactions as expected and needed.

  • contracts: Smart Contracts implementing Serai's functionality.

  • substrate: Substrate crates used to instantiate the Serai network.


~50K SLoC