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no-std scd4x

Rust driver for the Sensirion SCD4x series. Carbon Dioxide / Temperature / Humidity sensors.

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Sensirion I2C SCD4x Driver

This library provides an embedded no_std driver for the Sensirion SCD4x series. This driver was built using embedded-hal traits. The implementaion are based on embedded-i2c-scd4x and sgpc3-rs.

Sensirion SCD4x

The SCD4x is a miniature carbon dioxide sensor. It also measure temperature and relative humidity.

Further information: Datasheet CO2 Sensor SCD4x


See an example using linux-embedded-hal in examples/linux.rs.

cargo run --example linux

Development Status

The driver is in an early development state. It allows you to:

  • Get the serial number.
  • Read the measurement output.


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