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Scare is a CLI to-do list manager that simplifies task management for efficient productivity in the terminal

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1.1.0 Jan 6, 2024
1.0.8 Jan 3, 2024

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A command-line to-do list.


Scare is a command-line tool built in rust designed to simplify task management. With scare, you can efficiently create, organize, and manage your to-do lists directly from the command line, making it easy to stay productive and organized.


  • Create and manage tasks from the command line.
  • Streamlined interface for quick and efficient task management.
  • Intuitive commands for adding, completing, and removing tasks.
  • Cross-platform


To get started with scare simply run

$ scare


  • C: Create a new task
  • D: Enter edit mode
  • Space: Toggle task completion.
  • W: Navigate to the previous task
  • Shift + W: Navigate to the first task
  • S: Navigate to the previous task
  • Shift + S: Navigate to the last task
  • R: Remove the current task (if done)
  • Shift + R: Force remove the current task
  • A or Ctrl + C: Quit the application


Via Cargo (src)

If you have Rust installed on your machine, you can install scare by running

$ cargo install scare

Alternatively, you can install scare directly from this repository by running

$ cargo install --git https://github.com/joaopugsley/scare.git

⚠️ If you do not have cargo, install using Rust's Installation Documentation


The scare source files are distributed under the MIT License found in the LICENSE file.


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