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An in-console byte editor. Work in progress, but fairly stable for basic work.
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The environment was designed to feel and work as much like VIM as is reasonable for a byte editor. (hjkl directional controls, numerical register, a command line with its own pseudo-language as well as modes [visual, insert, append, replace])

Installation & Usage

From crates.io

cargo install sbyte
sbyte <filename>

From source:

cargo install --git https://burnsomni.net/git/sbyte
sbyte <filename>

See sbyterc for basic controls.

Hex, Binary & Decimal Views

Sbyte may be a hex editor, but it's also a bin editor and dec editor. Switch between them on-the-fly

Regex modifications

Regex is supported in searches, however some modifications have been made to make it more useful in the context of all bytes rather than just the human-readable ones.

Byte Wildcarding

Use a . to indicate a wildcard within a byte.


This will find all bytes from \x90 to \x9F:

find \x9.

This can also be done in binary:

find \b1001....

and doesn't need to be sequential

find \b100100.0

will match \x90 & \x92


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