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app heh

A cross-platform terminal UI used for modifying file data in hex or ASCII

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The HEx Helper is a cross-platform terminal UI used for modifying file data in hex or ASCII. It aims to replicate some of the look of hexyl while functionaly acting like a terminal UI version of GHex.

heh is currently in alpha - it's not ready to be used in any production manner. Notably, it does not store backups if killed or crashing and there is no undo option after deleting a byte.

screenshot of heh

Installation and Usage

heh is currently only available via cargo:

cargo install heh

From heh --help:

Terminal UI Commands:
    ALT=                Increase the stream length by 1
    ALT-                Decrease the stream length by 1
    CNTRLs              Save
    CNTRLq              Quit
    CNTRLj              Jump to Byte

Left-clicking on a label will copy the contents to the clipboard.
Left-clicking on the ASCII or hex table will focus it.

Zooming in and out will change the size of the components.

    heh <FILE>


    -h, --help
            Print help information

    -V, --version
            Print version information


Thanks for you interest in contributing! Changes of all types are welcome, from feature additions and major code refactoring to the tiniest typo fix. If you want to make change,

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Make desired changes in (a) descriptive commit(s)
  3. Make a PR, linking any issues that may be related

...and follow the Rust Code of Conduct all the way through!


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