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bin+lib sarc

A library for working with Nintendo SARC files for Wii U, 3ds and Switch

3 stable releases

✓ Uses Rust 2018 edition

1.1.1 Mar 18, 2020
1.0.1 Feb 9, 2020
1.0.0 Feb 7, 2020

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MIT license

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A simple to use library for reading/writing SARC and SZS (yaz0 compressed SARCs) in Rust.

// yaz0 and non-yaz0 sarcs can be read the same way
let sarc = SarcFile::read_from_file("Animal_Fish_A.sbactorpack").unwrap();

// iterate through files in the sarc and print out a file list
for file in &sarc.files {
    println!("Name: {:?} | Size: {}", file.name, file.data.len());

// write as yaz0 compressed sarc


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