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❯ Salt

Fast and simple task management from the CLI.

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Windows: Scoop

scoop bucket add cone https://github.com/Milo123459/cone
scoop install cone/salt

MacOS: Brew

brew tap eternalmoon1234/brew
brew install salt


curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Milo123459/salt/master/install.sh | bash

Litreally anything (Rust needed):

    cargo install salt


You have a node, and a task.

Think of it like a tree with apples. The tree is the node, the apples are the tasks. They just live under specific trees.

just for context, apple = task, tree = node`

Future ideas

  • Stats (ie, which node you use the most)
  • GitHub issue sync
  • Sync across multiple devices

How to use

Pretty simple:

Run salt action to see all commands.

Or, run salt node action to see all node sub-commands.


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