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Library for the Salo language: a toolset to agnostically build and deploy OS images remotely

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Dependent, reproducible, static OS configuration


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A declarative, reproducible, statically-typed build/deployment toolset

Salo is a declarative, reproducible, statically-typed configuration language for building and deploying operating system images. This leads to composable, scalable, and functional operating systems in-situ. For more information about features, read our documentation.


  • Expressive type system (dependent, first-class functions and types)
  • Efficient deployment (leveraging diffs to only deploy what you need)
  • On-the-fly changes (configuring systems as quickly as possible)
  • Powerful history management (view configuration history, and rollback to previous deployments)
  • Staged changes (see exactly what your configuration does, before it's deployed)

Getting started

To get started with Salo, run (with Cargo):

cargo t


Now that you're ready with Salo, you can learn more about how to develop operating system configuration in the documentation.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change. Furthermore, please make sure to update tests as appropriate.


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