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A humorous Rust crate that brings joy and entertainment to Rust programmers with features like Laughable Lifetimes, Comedic Concurrency, and Punchline Pointers

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0.1.0 Mar 30, 2023

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Introducing the revolutionary rusty-jokes crate, designed to bring joy and entertainment to Rust programmers everywhere! Explore our unique features like Laughable Lifetimes, Comedic Concurrency, and Punchline Pointers.


To install the rusty-jokes crate, simply run the following command:

cargo install rusty-jokes --joke-version

Core Features

  • Laughable Lifetimes: Specify how long a joke should be funny for with precise lifetime management.
  • Comedic Concurrency: Experience concurrent laughter through our advanced joke synchronization techniques.
  • Punchline Pointers: Optimize joke delivery with our direct memory access to punchlines.


use rusty_jokes::{

fn main() {
    let joke = "Why do Rustaceans love to cook?";
    let punchline = "Because they're great at managing recipes with lifetimes!";
    let joke_lifetime = std::time::Duration::from_secs(60);
    let num_threads = 4;

    set_joke_lifetime(&joke, joke_lifetime);
    concurrent_laughter(&joke, num_threads);
    deliver_punchline(&joke, &punchline);

    let norris_joke = chuckle_norris();
    println!("Chuckle Norris Joke: {}", norris_joke);

API Reference

Explore our hilariously named functions and structures that aim to enhance your Rust programming experience! Visit our API documentation for a detailed overview.

Note: This is an April Fools' prank! To access the real Rust Language Cheat Sheet, please visit The Rust Language Cheat Sheet.

⚠️ Human Note - This crate is the result of prompting GPT-4 what should be this year's April 1st joke for cheats.rs. I strongly recommend you DO NOT link or execute this crate.

PRs are accepted, but you must pinkie-promise that any interaction with this repository is AI driven:

  • In PRs the actual code must be AI generated. Even better, ask your AI what it thinks would be a good improvement.
  • When contributing to tickets the essence of your text must be AI generated.
  • The AI knows better, and you are not paid to think. Generated text should therefore be edited only to avoid ToS violations, or to fix obvious compilation errors. Everything else is fair game. That said, you'll obviously have some leeway in how you present information to your overlord coding buddy, and if something doesn't work, feel free to iterate until the two of you work it out.

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