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Build fast and scalable command line applications with rust!

Project information

Rusty-cli is a rust library written for making the process of developing command line interfaces. It provides a ton of useful abstractions for existing libraries. For example does the rusty-cli ecosystem provide wrapped implementations for the dialoguer library. But rusty-cli also has some great features like the FileReader or the integrated command handler.


Just paste the dependency into your Cargo.toml

rusty-cli = "0.1.0"

Getting started

Do you want to create your first project with rusty-cli?
Try this example for testing your installation.

let pong_command = Command::new(
        "Pong command".to_string(),

    let mut runner = Runner::new();
    runner.enable_command_handler(CommandHandlerArguments {
        commands: vec![pong_command],
        default_no_argument_callback: None,
        flags: vec![]


  1. Introduction
  2. Command handler
  3. FileReader
  4. Inputs


This repository is maintained actively. If you have got a new feature request or you found a bug, feel free to open a new issue or just create your own implementation to fix your problem and create a pull request to this repository. I am always open for new contributions from every origin. Feel free to help this project to gain more users and features.


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