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Make your application's structs and functions interactive

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This crate provides traits and macros that make your application's structs and functions interactive.

Annotating a struct with #[derive(Interactive)], a struct's methods with #[Methods] and a free function with #[Function] will implement a set of traits, that will allow you to access them as if Rust had a REPL.

Use this crate as an alternative for "print debugging" or as an ergonomic testing API.

This crate is no_std compatible so you can use it to interact with embedded devices and blink those LEDs from a USB or UART connection.


  • Annotate everything you want to access with Interactive, Methods and Function
  • Define a new struct that owns or holds references to the objects you want to access
  • Derive InteractiveRoot for it
  • Use the trait's methods to evaluate a string (the simplest one is eval_to_string but others allow for more custom behaviour)
  • Accessing a field will give you its Debug representation
  • Calling a function or a method will parse its arguments and give you the Debug representation of its return value

Since this crate makes a lot of use of the Debug trait the helper macro PartialDebug is provided. It implements Debug for a struct replacing all fields that do not implement Debug with a placeholder.

CLI Usage

Functions like get_all_field_names are provided. This makes it possible to implement things like auto-completion.

Have a look at the autocomplete example for how this might be done using the rustyline crate.


use rusteval::{Interactive, Methods, InteractiveRoot, Function, PartialDebug};

struct NoDebug;

#[derive(Interactive, PartialDebug, Default)]
struct ChildStruct {
    last_sum: f32,
    no_debug: NoDebug,

impl ChildStruct {
    fn add(&mut self, a: f32, b: f32) -> f32 {
        self.last_sum = a + b;

#[derive(Interactive, Debug, Default)]
struct ParentStruct {
    child: ChildStruct,

#[derive(InteractiveRoot, Debug, Default)]
struct Root {
    parent: ParentStruct,

fn split_str_at(s: &str, mid: usize) -> (&str, &str) {

let mut root = Root::default();
assert_eq!(root.eval_to_string("parent.child.add(4.2, 6.9)"), "11.1");
assert_eq!(root.eval_to_string("parent.child"), "ChildStruct { last_sum: 11.1, no_debug: Unknown }");
// split_str_at("foobar", 3) => ("foo", "bar")
assert_eq!(root.eval_to_string("split_str_at(\"foobar\", 3)"), "(\"foo\", \"bar\")");

How it works

This crate makes use of the unstable specialization feature, so it is only available on nightly.

Methods like try_as_interactive are implemented on all types. The method normally returns an error but in the specialized case a trait object (&dyn Interactive in this case) is returned.

The macros then implement getters that look something like this:

fn get_field<'a>(&'a self, field_name: &'a str) -> Result<'_, &dyn Interactive> {
    match field_name {
        "field1" => self.field1.try_as_interactive(),
        "field2" => self.field2.try_as_interactive(),
        _ => Err(InteractiveError::FieldNotFound {
            type_name: "Struct",

See the macro's documentation for more details.

Current limitations:

  • Methods and functions can only be made interactive if their argument types are supported
  • Enums are not supported


Licensed under either of Apache License, Version 2.0 or MIT license at your option.
Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in this crate by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.


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