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A Rust library for interacting with the Roblox API

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A Rust library for interacting with the Roblox API


Rustblox intents to support as many of the Roblox API endpoints as possible. Most of the Roblox API has good enough documentation, but it is possible that some things will be missed or fall through the cracks, especially in regard to realtime.roblox.com (as that has little documentation that I've found).

Rustblox will start by working with endpoints that do not require authentication, and will then implement authentication and support the endpoints that require it. Authentication will be done via the .ROBLOSECURITY cookie. See here for more information.

Getting Started


Will most likely work by creating a RustbloxClient and interacting with that.

MSRV (Minimum Supported Rust Version)

The current MSRV is 1.62.1.



Roblox has (justifiably, arguably) made it a bit difficult to authenticate with their API. The easiest and cleanest way to authenticate is by logging in via your browser and retrieving your .ROBLOSECURITY cookie. How do you do this?

  1. Log in like normal
  2. Open up the developer tools (right-click then "Inspect"/"Inspect Element" is easiest)
  3. Go to the "Storage" tab and then find wherever the cookies are stored
  4. The .ROBLOSECURITY cookie will be under there somewhere. It's a very big cookie. And please listen to Roblox -- don't share it with anyone unless you know what you're doing.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR THOSE USING A VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER (VPS) Roblox added IP region tracking to .ROBLOSECURITY cookies some time ago, which means that if a particular .ROBLOSECURITY cookie is used to log in from a location different from the one it was generated in, the cookie will become invalid. This issue in noblox.js contains a great tutorial on how to bypass this.

When will this be finished?

I honestly have no clue. I'm just a college student who wanted to make this for no real particular reason. I've also got some other small projects I'm working on. If you want to see this finished sooner, feel free to help out and make a pull request!


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