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Rust bindings to libsodium.

This project is largely based on sodiumoxide. Some main differences are:

  • this project builds or downloads libsodium by default, favouring a statically-built, fixed version of the native library
  • offers the ability to initialise libsodium with a psuedorandom number generator, allowing for reproducible data to be generated, which can be useful in the context of tests
  • implements a test to ensure the FFI bindings match the native library's interface
  • runs CI tests on Windows (AppVeyor), OS X and Linux (Travis)
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Note for building on Linux

Certain situations may require building libsodium configured with --disable-pie. To enable this, set an environment variable RUST_SODIUM_DISABLE_PIE while building, e.g.


To use your own copy of libsodium

If you already have a copy of libsodium, you can choose to link this rather than having rust_sodium download and build libsodium for you. You should ensure that it is the same version as is specified in VERSION of [our build.rs] (https://github.com/maidsafe/rust_sodium/blob/master/rust_sodium-sys/build.rs) file.

Set an environment variable RUST_SODIUM_LIB_DIR to the folder where libsodium exists. A static version of libsodium will be preferred unless you also set RUST_SODIUM_SHARED to any value.

Alternatively, you can use pkgconfig if appropriate to locate libsodium by setting RUST_SODIUM_USE_PKG_CONFIG to any value. In this case, RUST_SODIUM_SHARED has no effect, and generally a shared version of libsodium will be used.


Cross-Compiling for ARM

  1. Install dependencies and toolchain:

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install build-essential gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf libc6-armhf-cross libc6-dev-armhf-cross -y
    rustup target add armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf
  2. Add the following to a .cargo/config file:

    linker = "arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc"
  3. Build by running:

    cargo build --release --target armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf

Cross-Compiling for 32-bit Linux

  1. Install dependencies and toolchain:

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install build-essential gcc-multilib -y
    rustup target add i686-unknown-linux-gnu
  2. Build by running:

    cargo build --release --target i686-unknown-linux-gnu


Licensed under either of

at your option.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.