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Game for learning Rust, inspired by Ruby Warrior

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Rust Warrior

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This game is inspired by Ruby Warrior, which I played many years ago. This project started as a direct port, but because Ruby is an interpreted language and allows (encourages?) meta programming... I've designed Rust Warrior partly from scratch.

Set Up

Rust Warrior ships with two major components: a binary that generates a new game directory, and a library which contains the main game engine.

To get started, install rust-warrior.

$ cargo install rust-warrior

Then run rust-warrior and follow the prompts to pick a player name and set up all the necessary files in a new game directory.

getting started

Then navigate to rustwarrior/<name> (the name you provided). You'll find a README.md with instructions for level 1 and a src/main.rs with the scaffolding for a Rust Warrior player project (with some rust_warrior imports).

After reviewing the instructions, start playing level 1 by running the project:

$ cargo run

To Do

  • gate the warrior abilities by current level
    • possibly also include an inventory system (would help with controlling shoot)
  • beginner levels
    • level 8
    • level 9
  • intermediate levels
  • keep score
  • option to replay earlier levels
    • possibly allow warrior to learn abilities while progressing (can the warrior use higher level abilities on lower levels?)


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