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Typed is a procedural macro that is used for disassembling structs and fns into their inner type components that are then accompanied with documentation and examples. The Typed structures will be wrapped into a module and reassigned with a name (default core), this also goes for the static and generic fields.

Project is still under development

Struct example

struct Containter<T> {
    current: u8,
    buffer: Vec<u8>,
    another: T,
struct Area(i32);
  • Will let you access the struct types as followed:
let current: Container::current = 10;
let buffer: Container::buffer = vec![current];
let another: <Container::core<u8> as Container::protocol>::another = 20;
let container: Container::core<u8> = 
    Container::core {
  • It's also possible to use it as following:
trait Trait: Container::protocol {
    fn retrieve(&self) -> Container::protocol::buffer;
    fn extend(&mut self, val: Container::protocol::another); 


struct Container<C: Clone, T = i64> {
    a: i32,
    b: Vec<i32>,
    c: Vec<T>,
    d: C,
    e: T

struct Tuple(i32, i32);

struct Tuple2<T>(i32, T);

fn main() {
    let a: Container::fields::a = 10;
    let b: Container::b = vec![a];
    let c: Container::c<i64> = vec![10];
    let c: <Container::core<i64> as Container::protocol>::c = c;
    let d: <Container::core<i64> as Container::protocol>::d = 10;
    let container: Container::core<i64> = Container::core { a, b, c, d, e: 10 };

    assert!(container.a == a);


struct #name {
    #(#ident: #ty)*

// Turns into

// Docs (/w examples) describing the original `item` and also what `types` are available to use.
#[doc = #docs] 
pub mod #name {
    // The static fields of the `item` as type aliases.
    #(#ty_decls)* // Access through `#name::#field`
    // A trait where all `ìtem` fields are associated types
    #struct_generic // Access through `#name::gen`
    // Docs (/w examples) describing the original `item`.
    #[doc = #docs]
    // The original `ìtem`.
    #struct_original // Access through `#name::core`

Future plans

Renaming disassembler

#[type_it = "MContainer"]
struct Containter<T> {
    current: u8,
    buffer: Vec<u8>,
    another: T,

fn main() {
    let x: Container<i32> = {
        current: 10,
        buffer: Vec::default(),
        another: 20,
    let y: MContainer::core<i32> = x;


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