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🎯 What is it?

This repository hosts the Rust Sokoban book and source code used in the book. It's using mdbook.

🏃 How to?

Host the book locally

If not already done, install mdbook.

$ cargo install mdbook

Serve the book and navigate to http://localhost:3000/ in your local browser.

$ mdbook serve

Run the code locally

$ cd code/rust-sokoban-c01-01
$ cargo run --release

💪 Contribute

Add a new section

  1. Copy the latest code/rust-sokoban-x folder to code/rust-sokoban-x+1
  2. Add the code changes of the topic you want to illustrate, try to keep each section self contained and relatively simple to grasp
  3. Make sure the code compiles (ideally without warnings)
  4. Add a new entry in src/SUMMARY.md - each md file should be in the format cxx-yy-text.md
  5. Fill the markdown in and use code references with line numbers pointing to the code/rust-sokoban-x+1 folder
  6. Add a gif towards the end of the new section to showcase the new feature - grab a screen recording and then convert it to a gif (I use ffmpeg for this - ffmpeg -i Screen_Recording.mov -r 60 -f gif - > moves.gif)
  7. If you add a directory tree listing, use tree - tree --dirsfirst -I target
  8. Create a PR and wait for the 👏 🎉

Create an issue

Have a look in the issues list of any duplicates, if you can't find anything create a new one!

Help with a translation

  1. Make a copy of the books/en_US folder with the new translation ISO code (for example fr_FR, see list)
  2. Modify the language in book.toml
  3. Translate SUMMARY.md first
  4. Translate each chapter/sub-chapter, try to not modify any images/sounds/videos or any of the book structure
  5. Feel free to create a draft pull request as soon as you have a few pages translated, this will make other contributors aware of the work

🚗 License



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