yanked rust-curve25519-fiat

Rust FFI bindings to fiat-crypto's curve25519_64.c

0.1.3 Jun 6, 2019
0.1.2 Jun 6, 2019
0.1.1 Jun 6, 2019
0.1.0 Jun 6, 2019


96K SLoC

Coq 63K SLoC // 0.0% comments C 30K SLoC // 0.1% comments Python 3K SLoC // 0.2% comments Shell 195 SLoC // 0.1% comments Rust 108 SLoC // 0.3% comments


A library providing rust bindings to formalized field arithmetic on curve25519 over 64-bit words in the fiat-crypto library.

Compile-time Requirements

This uses cc-rs and as such will demand its compile-time requirements.


This library is at an experimental stage and its API may encoutner significant evolutions in the future.


rust-curve25519-dalek is Apache-2.0 licensed, as found in the LICENSE file.

No runtime deps