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app ruplicity-console

Command line interface to browse duplicity backups

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Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.2 Jan 9, 2016
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Command line interface for ruplicity.


Starting from Rust 1.5:

cargo install ruplicity-console

Windows user can download pre-built binaries for convenience in the releases section. For those, Visual C++ 2015 redistributable binaries are needed. If you don't have them, you can download them in Visual Studio Downloads, under the "Tools for Visual Studio 2015" section.


Only backups present in the local file system are supported for now.

Suppose you have a duplicity backup stored in /media/foo/backup/. You can have informations about the backup by using:

ruplicity-console info /media/foo/backup

And list the files for the last snapshot by using:

ruplicity-console ls /media/foo/backup

You can specify which snapshot to list by using the -i option, to specify the snapshot index:

ruplicity-console ls -i 0 /media/backup

shows the files for the first backup snapshot. If you want to know the index for some snapshot use ruplicity.console info.


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