Cargo Features

rune = { version = "0.13.1", default-features = false, features = ["std", "alloc", "emit", "workspace", "cli", "languageserver", "byte-code", "capture-io", "disable-io", "fmt", "bench", "doc"] }
default = emit, std

These default features are set whenever rune is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

std default cli? doc? emit languageserver? workspace? = alloc

Enables std of anyhow, musli ^0.0.42, musli-storage ^0.0.42, num, once_cell, rune-alloc, rune-core, and serde


Enables once_cell::sync module.

Affects modules::io

alloc byte-code? capture-io? disable-io? fmt? std = anyhow

Enables alloc of once_cell, rune-alloc, rune-core, and serde


Enables once_cell::race::OnceBox type.

emit default cli? = codespan-reporting, std
workspace languageserver? = linked-hash-map, relative-path, semver, serde-hashkey, std, toml
cli = atty, bincode, capture-io, clap, disable-io, doc, emit, fmt, languageserver, rand, similar, std, tracing-subscriber, webbrowser
languageserver cli? = doc, fmt, lsp, percent-encoding, ropey, serde_json, std, tokio, url, workspace

Affects rune::languageserver

byte-code = alloc, musli-storage
capture-io cli? = alloc, parking_lot

Affects modules::capture_io

disable-io cli? = alloc

Affects modules::disable_io

fmt cli? languageserver? = alloc
doc cli? languageserver? = base64, handlebars, pulldown-cmark, relative-path, rust-embed, sha2, std, syntect

Enables doc of rune-core

Affects function_meta::AssociatedName.parameter_types

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

musli-storage byte-code? std

Enables musli-storage ^0.0.42

anyhow alloc? std
atty cli?
bincode cli?
clap cli?
codespan-reporting emit
handlebars doc?

Enables handlebars ^4.3.7

pulldown-cmark doc?

Enables pulldown-cmark ^0.9.2

relative-path doc? workspace?
rust-embed doc?

Enables rust-embed ^6.6.1

semver workspace?
serde-hashkey workspace?
syntect doc?
tokio languageserver?
toml workspace?

Enables toml ^0.7.3

tracing-subscriber cli?
webbrowser cli?
parking_lot capture-io?
lsp languageserver?

Enables lsp-types ^0.94.0

ropey languageserver?
percent-encoding languageserver?
url languageserver?
serde_json languageserver?
linked-hash-map workspace?
similar cli?
sha2 doc?
base64 doc?
rand cli?