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run-in-roblox is a tool to run a place, a model, or an individual script inside Roblox Studio.

run-in-roblox pipes output from inside Roblox Studio back to stdout/stderr, which enables traditional automation tools to work alongside Roblox.


From GitHub Releases

You can download pre-built binaries from run-in-roblox's GitHub Releases page.

With Foreman

run-in-roblox can be installed with Foreman, a toolchain manager for Roblox projects.

run-in-roblox = { source = "rojo-rbx/run-in-roblox", version = "0.3.0" }

From crates.io

You'll need Rust 1.37.0 or newer.

cargo install run-in-roblox


The recommended way to use run-in-roblox is with a place file and a script to run:

run-in-roblox --place MyPlace.rbxlx --script starter-script.lua

This will open MyPlace.rbxlx in Roblox Studio, run starter-script.lua until it completes, and then exit.

--place is optional, but --script is required.


run-in-roblox is available under the terms of the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt or https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT for details.


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