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The RudderStack Rust SDK is an analytics client to track events from your Rust application

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RudderStack - Customer Data Platform for Developers

Customer Data Platform for Developers

About RudderStack

RudderStack is a customer data platform for developers. Our tooling makes it easy to deploy pipelines that collect customer data from every app, website and SaaS platform, then activate it in your warehouse and business tools.

RudderStack Rust SDK

The RudderStack Rust SDK is an analytics client to track events from your Rust application. Once enabled, the event requests hit the RudderStack servers. RudderStack then transforms and routes these events to your specified destination platforms.

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For detailed documentation on the RudderStack Rust SDK, click here.

Getting Started with Rust SDK

Include rudderanalytics as a dependency in your Rust application Cargo.toml file:

rudderanalytics = "<latest_version>"

Initializing the RudderStack Client

use rudderanalytics::client::RudderAnalytics;
use rudderanalytics::message::{Identify, Track, Page, Group, Screen, Alias, Batch, Message, BatchMessage};

let rudder_analytics = RudderAnalytics::load("YOUR_WRITE_KEY".to_string(), "YOUR_DATA_PLANE_URL".to_string());

Sending Events

Once the RudderStack client is initialized, you can use it to send your events. A sample call for track event is shown below:

use serde_json::json;

rudder_analytics.send(&Message::Track(Track {
    user_id: Some("sample_user_id".to_string()),
    event: "Test Event".to_owned(),
    properties: Some(json!({
        "some property": "some value",
        "some other property": "some other value",
})).expect("Failed to send data to Rudderstack");

For more information on the supported calls, refer to the documentation.


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