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Rust Aliasing Directory

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Rualdi allows you to create aliases on directories and to provide an encapsulation of the built-in cd command function for easy change of working directory.

Inspired by zoxide code.


rada workdir                     # Add current directory with workdir as alias
rada www /var/www                # Add /var/www directory with www as alias
rada stuff ~/stuff               # Works with home tild alias

rad www/some-site                # Perform cd in /var/www/some-site
rad -                            # Go back to previous directory as cd do it

radr workdir                     # Remove workdir alias
radr www stuff                   # Works with multiple aliases at same time

radl                             # List aliases

Getting started

Step 1: Installing rualdi

From Cargo registry

cargo install rualdi -f

From source

cargo build --release
cp target/release/rualdi <path>

Where <path> is the path where you store your binaries.

On Debian

From source
cargo install cargo-deb
cargo deb
sudo dpkg -i /target/debian/rualdi_<version>_<arch>.deb
From .deb prebuilt released

You can download a precompiled .deb package from the releases page and add run:

sudo dpkg -i /target/debian/rualdi_<version>_<arch>.deb

Other (via precompiled binary) GitHub releases

Alternatively, you can also download a precompiled binary from the releases page and add it to your PATH.

Step 2: Adding rualdi to your shell

Currently only bash and zsh are supported.


Add the following line to your ~/.bashrc:

eval "$(rualdi init bash)"


Add the following line to your ~/.zshrc:

eval "$(rualdi init zsh)"


init flags

  • --cmd: change the rad command (and corresponding aliases) to something else.

Environment variables

  • $_RAD_ALIASES_DIR: directory where rualdi will store its aliases configuration file (default: platform-specific; see the dirs documentation for more information)
  • $_RAD_NO_ECHO: when set to 1, rad will not print the matched directory before navigating to it
  • $_RAD_RESOLVE_SYMLINKS: when set to 1, rad will resolve symlinks before print the matched directory.


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