Cargo Features

rst-common = { version = "1.3.0", default-features = false, features = ["full", "standard", "with-tokio", "with-tracing", "with-logging", "with-errors", "with-tests", "with-http-tokio", "with-cryptography"] }
default = standard

The standard feature is set by default whenever rst-common is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

full = standard, with-cryptography, with-errors, with-http-tokio, with-logging, with-tests, with-tokio, with-tracing

Affects rst-common::full

standard default full?

Affects rst-common::standard

with-tokio full?

Enables tokio

Affects rst-common::with_tokio

with-tracing full?

Enables tracing and tracing-subscriber

Affects rst-common::with_tracing

with-logging full?

Enables env_logger and log

Affects rst-common::with_logging

with-errors full?

Enables anyhow and thiserror

Affects rst-common::with_errors

with-tests full?

Enables table-test

Affects rst-common::with_tests

with-http-tokio full?

Enables axum, hyper, hyper-util, tokio, tower, and tower-http

Affects rst-common::with_http_tokio

with-cryptography full?

Enables argon2, blake3, chacha20poly1305, ed25519-dalek, hex, rand, rand_chacha, ring, sha2, and x25519-dalek

Affects rst-common::with_cryptography