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Library for runtime-agnostic async memcached clients

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0.3.0 Apr 14, 2021
0.2.0 Apr 11, 2021
0.1.0 Apr 8, 2021

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This provides the core implementation of rsmc, using runtime-agnostic async functions. To use rsmc, you need to use one of the runtime-specific libraries that call rsmc-core.

This is still an early implementation, so expect some bugs and missing features. If you find something is wrong, please open a GitHub issue (or, even better, a PR to fix the issue!)

Expect some breaking changes before a 1.0 release.


  • Async
  • Connection pooling provided by deadpool
  • TLS support
  • Binary protocol support
    • get, multi_get
    • set, multi_set
    • delete, multi_delete
    • add, replace
    • increment, decrement
  • Consistent hashing
    • Support for different hashing algorithms.
  • Compression
    • Support for different compression algorithms.


This crate provides core libraries for rsmc implementations into various async runtimes. If compression is undesired, it is possible to disable the zlib feature (on by default.)


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