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Early-stage sass implementation in pure rust

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Sass reimplemented in rust with nom (early stage). The "r" in the name might stand for the Rust programming language, for "re-implemented", or possibly for my name Rasmus.

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To make compiling faster when rsass is used as a library crate (which is probably the dominant use-case), I have made building the command-line utility optional. To build the commandline, define the commandline feature when building.

cargo build --release --features=commandline

Sass language and implemetation status

The sass language is defined in its reference doc. This implementation is incomplete but getting there, if slowly.

Progress: 1634 of 3502 tests passed in libsass compatiblilty mode.

If you want a working rust library for sass right now, you may be better of with sass-rs or sass-alt, which are rust wrappers around libsass. Another alternative is sassers which is another early stage pure rust implementation. That said, this implementation has reached a version where I find it usable for my personal projects, and the number of working tests are improving.


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