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bin+lib rsa_keygen

A crate for generating rsa keys with a 12 word seedphrase

2 stable releases

1.0.9 Jun 9, 2024
1.0.7 Apr 11, 2024
0.1.1 Apr 11, 2024
0.1.0 Apr 11, 2024

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How to use:

A keypair is a struct where the first element is the private key and the second element is the public key:

type Keypair = (RsaPrivateKey, RsaPublicKey);
pub use rsa_keygen::generate_seedphrase;
pub use rsa_keygen::keypair_from_seedphrase;
pub use rsa_keygen::keypair_from_private_key;
pub use rsa_keygen::generate_seedphrase_and_keypair;
pub use rsa_keygen::store_in_file;

//generate a 12 word seedphrase
let seedphrase = generate_seedphrase();

//generate an rsa keypair from the 12 word seedphrase
let (priv_key, pub_key) = keypair_from_seedphrase(&seedphrase).unwrap();

//generate an rsa keypair from an already known secret key
let (priv_key, pub_key) = keypair_from_private_key(&keypair.priv_key);

you can generate the seedphrase and keypair easily using the generate_seedphrase_and_keypair function:

let (seedphrase, keypair) = generate_seedphrase_and_keypair().unwrap();

you can export the private key or the public key to pem format in order to make it more readable, using the pkcsx_pem_from functions. Currently pkcs1 and pkcs8 are supported:

pub use rsa_keygen::pkcs8_pem_from_priv_key;
pub use rsa_keygen::pkcs8_pem_from_pub_key;

let priv_key_pem = pkcs8_pem_from_priv_key(&keypair.0).unwrap();
let pub_key_pem = pkcs8_pem_from_pub_key(&keypair.1).unwrap();

it's possible to write the keypair and seedphrase to a file using the store_in_file function:

store_in_file(keypair, &seedphrase, "id.txt");

If you have any requests or improvements, make an issue or a pr on the github.


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