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bin+lib royal_road_archiver

An archival program and library for the webnovel site RoyalRoad

4 releases (stable)

1.0.3 Jan 30, 2024
1.0.2 Jan 28, 2024
0.1.1 Jan 26, 2024
0.1.0 Jan 26, 2024

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Contains (ELF exe/lib, 475KB) html2xhtml-linux/html2xhtml, (DOS exe, 295KB) html2xhtml-windows/.libs/dtdquery.exe, (DOS exe, 465KB) html2xhtml-windows/.libs/html2xhtml.exe, (ELF exe/lib, 230KB) html2xhtml-linux/dtdquery, (DOS exe, 39KB) html2xhtml-windows/dtdquery.exe, (DOS exe, 39KB) html2xhtml-windows/html2xhtml.exe

Terminal based archival Program for RoyalRoad.

Currently supports:

  • Epub generation - Turn the webnovels into an epub file for offline reading / archival.
  • Markdown generation - Turn the webnovels into a markdown file. Dunno why you'd want to do this but hey, you can.

Coming soon:

  • Audiobook generation support.
  • HTML + CSS archival. Think archive.org, but on your machine.

How to use:

  • Windows - Download the binaries (.exe files) for windows from the releases page,
    Unzip them into a folder E.G Downloads,
    Open Command prompt,
    Change the directory to where you unzipped the binaries (.exe files) by typing cd <Binaries_Directory>\royal_road_archiver_windows-bin E.G cd Downloads\royal_road_archiver_windows-bin,
    Open the program by typing royal_road_archiver.exe

  • Linux - Basically the same as windows:
    Download the linux binaries from the releases page,
    Unzip em,
    Open console,
    cd to the folder containing the binaries,
    Run it using royal_road_archiver

  • Cargo - Run cargo install royal_road_archiver,
    Then just run royal_road_archiver from the terminal.

Example commands:

  • royal_road_archiver https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/59450/bioshifter epub --- Will create an Epub version of the novel bioshifter in the current directory.
  • royal_road_archiver https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/59450/bioshifter markdown --no-image-tags --- Will create a markdown version of the novel bioshifter in the current directory, removing image tags from the markdown file.
  • royal_road_archiver https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/59450/bioshifter Downloads epub --- Will create an Epub version of the novel bioshifter in my Downloads folder.
  • Look the commands are all documented in the program just running royal_road_archiver help will show you everything.



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