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app root-ls

CLI tool to inspect the content and layout of .root files

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0.2.0 Feb 5, 2021
0.1.4 Mar 15, 2020
0.1.3 Jan 17, 2020
0.1.2 Jun 22, 2019
0.1.1 Feb 19, 2018

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A command line tool to inspect the types of objects contained in a .root file similar to ROOT's TFile::ShowStreamerInfo() function. However, root-ls is also able to produce (proably buggy) Rust code as a starting point to write a custom parser for the content of a file. If you are in that sort of business, you should take a look at the root-io crate.


  1. Get Rust via rustup
  2. Install root-ls
cargo install root-ls


  • Dump the layout of the streamed objects as yaml
root-ls ./simple.root to-yaml
  • Create rust structs and parsers for the objects in this file; formatting the code with rustfmt
root-ls ./simple.root to-rust --rustfmt

  • Print a short summary of all the items in this file
root-ls ./simple.root to-rust inspect
  • Dump all the info there is on one particular item. Not pretty, but most precise (especially with optional -v)
root-ls ./simple.root to-rust inspect --item-pos=0 -v


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