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Web based server handler for ANY runnable file!

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What is roast?

Roast is a binary that allows you to host other binaries as a website!

Why Might I Want It?

I originally made it for myself, as a binary that would allow me to host a minecraft server, and allow my friends to open the server with the main_user and main_pass


Currently, running cargo install roast-bin is the only way to get the program.


Typing roast, it will attempt to run your server.

However, without having both a roast-options.toml file, a runnable script, and cert.pem and key.pem, the server will be unable to run. In whatever directory you want to host your server, you can type

roast --gen-tls # This will generate the cert.pem and key.pem files.
roast --gen-config # This will put an EXAMPLE config file into your directory (Please change the passwords at least.)

After running these two commands, open the config with your favorite text editor, and change some of the parameters.

Running a Server

Ok, so now that you have your server ready to run, how do I run it? In the roast-options.toml file you have, change the run path to be to a local script folder which runs your server.

Example for a minecraft server:

java -jar server.jar

Put this into a script file, and change the run path to be the location of the file!


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