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A tool to unzip files in parallel.

This is a Rust library (and command-line tool) which utilises the power of Rust's rayon library to unzip a zip file in parallel. If you're fetching the zip file from a URI, it may also be able to start unzipping in parallel with the download.

Installation and use

To fetch the command-line tool: cargo install ripunzip then ripunzip -h. Alternatively, a .deb file is available under the "releases" section on github.

To add the library to your project: cargo add ripunzip and check out the documentation linked above.


Pull requests are welcome - see the contributing doc. The focus of this project remains efficiently unzipping entire zip files, and any speed increases are greatly appreciated! cargo criterion is used for performance testing, though the benchmark suite doesn't do a great job of simulating real conditions. In particular please be aware that this tool is often used on devices with spinny hard disks and very limited disk write bandwidth, so in different circumstances that may be the limiting circumstance, or network bandwidth, or CPU time. Please consider the impact of your changes on all these permutations.

Release procedure:

  1. Revise the version number
  2. cargo publish
  3. Retrieve the latest .deb file from the latest CI job
  4. Declare a new release and tag on github
  5. As you make that release, include the .deb file as an artifact.

There's also cargo fuzz support for comparitive fuzzing against non-parallel unzipping to try to spot any unforeseen circumstances where we do anything differently. If you change the core unzipping logic please use this.

License and usage notes

This is not an officially supported Google product.


This software is distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0).

See LICENSE for details.


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