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File Digger (rip_tree)

Recreating the popular tree command but with rust. Some goals inlcude:

    1. implementing popular tree commands,  
    2. creating a verison with similar performance,   
    3. a version with a nice looking command line output,  
    4. no external crates or dependencies,
    5. create a linux friendly version as well


    `cargo install riptree`


    search for a file in a given directory -f flag will not print anything until its done searching.
    ` riptree /path/to/folder 'query' -f `

    just calling riptree will display the folders and files of the current directory
    `riptree` (will use your current directory) 

    look for a file fast and skip . files
    `riptree 'query' -f -l`

    search for a file or directory in the current directory 
    `riptree 'query'`
    for more riptree --help
    `riptree --help`

No runtime deps