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nightly rg_formats

Parsers and Serializers for various rhythm game formats

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RG Formats

This crate provides parsers and serializers for various rhythm game formats.

At the moment, only two formats are supported:

  • sm, for processing .sm files
  • sm_msd, for processing .msd files, which underpin both the .sm and .ssc formats.


Documentation can be found on [docs-rs].

Example Usage

Examples are included in the examples/ folder.


Rhythm Game Formats


Various processors for various rhythm game formats.

These are the currently available modules:

  • [sm] for parsing .sm files.
  • sm_msd for parsing .msd files, or generally working with the raw underpinnings of the .sm and .ssc formats.

Clicking on either of these modules will tell you more.


let sm_charts = rg_formats::sm::from_path("my_sm_file.sm")
    // an outer io::Error<> indicates whether the file could be read
    .expect("failed to open file")
    // the inner error indicates whether the contents of the file were valid SM.
    .expect("sm file was invalid");


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