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Table Of Contents:


ReVi is a cross-platform terminal based Vim inspired text editor. Currently ReVi is in heavy development and it's probably not good idea to use for every day use but I have been using ReVi to work on ReVi to help find bugs. Editor inception 😲! If you like what you see help the project out with a github star. If you find a bug please feel free to open a issues for it.




cargo install revi --version="0.0.0-beta-2"
revi <filename>


cargo install --git https://github.com/revi-editor/revi
revi <filename>

Development Use

git clone https://github.com/revi-editor/revi
cd revi
cargo run --release -- <filename>

Questions and Answers

  • ReVi is locked up => Press Esc and then do command to clear command chase. WIP.
  • ReVi doesn't even open => for version's 0.0.0-beta-0.5 and below need to have a init.lua file in the directory. FIXED on version 0.0.0-beta-0.6


Normal Mode

'Key' Command Note
Esc NormalMode
ZZ Save Quit
ZQ Quit
<C-y> ScrollUp Cursor Keeps Line Number Not working 100% correct
<C-e> ScrollDown Cursor Keeps Line Number Not working 100% correct
<C-u> ScrollUp Not working 100% correct
<C-d> ScrollDown Not working 100% correct
j CursorDown
Down CursorDown
k CursorUp
Up CursorUp
h CursorLeft
Left CursorLeft
l CursorRight
Right CursorRight
w Move Forwards by a Word
b Move Backwards by a Word
: CommandMode
i InsertMode
x DeleteChar
Delete DeleteChar
d DeleteLine
Home Home
End End
0 Home
$ End
A End InsertMode CursorLeft
'gg' JumpToFirstLine
'G' JumpToLastLine

Insert Mode

'Key' Command Note
Esc Normal
Backspace Backspace
Enter NewLine
Home Home
End End
Down CursorDown
Up CursorUp
Left CursorLeft
Right CursorRight

Command Mode

'Key' Command Note
Esc Normal
Enter Normal


All Commands will change in further versions

'Command' Action Note
quit QUIT
exit QUIT
b[buffer number] Sets Buffer
set number Sets line numbers to AbsoluteNumber
set relativenumber Sets line numbers to RelativeNumber
set nonumber Removes any line number type

Road Map

  • Added Modes:
  • Normal
  • Insert
  • Command
  • Visual
  • Visual Line
  • Visual Block
  • Basic KeyBindings
  • Basic Unicode Support
  • Plugin API:
  • Custom KeyBindings
  • Help Docs
  • WebSite
  • Package Manager
  • LSP


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