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An utility for Minecraft datapack development

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0.8.1 May 29, 2023
0.8.0 May 22, 2023

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ResourcepackD (rpd)

An extremely simple CLI utility to watch minecraft data and resource packs for changes and compile them on fly!

RPD supports optional validation of JSON files and stripping comments from JSONC files, however other contents are not checked and are untouched. If you wish to use your pack in production I recommend to further use PackSquash on it.


Install using cargo or just download release binaries from Github

cargo install resourcepackd

You can then watch your directory for changes

rpd watch <ROOT_DIR> -o <OUT_FILE>


rpd watch . -o build/resourcepack.zip

RPD will launch and you will be able to start developing your resourcepack! Whenever a file is changed, pack will be recompiled to provided directory.

You can also do one-time compilation with

rpd compile . -o build/resourcepack.zip

Enabling Validation

To validate JSON files and clean JSONC files you can add the -v flag:

rpd watch . -o build/resourcepack.zip -v

This will automatically perform validation on all .json and .mcmeta files, as well as JSONC comment stripping on all .jsonc and .mcmetac files.


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