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Mob is a console tool to work in a remote mob (or pair) with git.

  • Handover code fast between drivers
  • Remembers order of drivers
  • Keeps track of state (working, waiting for next, stopped) to eliminate risk of conflicts and lost work
  • Use any branch as base

mob screen



Install rust and run:

cargo install remotemob


Download the latest release and unpack it to somewhere in your PATH.


Note: It's safe to try mob! It prints all git commands it runs and if you decide that it's not for you can remove all traces.

  • mob start creates a new feature branch or syncs the branch from the previous driver.
  • mob next commits all changes to the feature branch and hands over to the next driver.
  • mob done stages all changes on the feature branch for commit on the base branch (normally main).

mob graph

Run mob for help on more commands.


How do I remove all traces of mob from a repo?

  1. Run mob done to remove the mob branch. Either commit the changes or run git reset HEAD --hard to discard changes.
  2. Run mob clean to remove the mob-meta branch.
  3. Delete ~/.mob if you don't want to use mob anymore

Where is the configuration stored?

Configuration local to you is stored in ~/.mob. Configuration for a repository is stored in an orphan branch named mob-meta.
mob start creates all configuration needed to run. It is always safe to run mob clean to remove the repository config and start fresh.

How do I show current status?

Run mob status

Work duration is set to 15 but we must stop for a meeting in 7 minutes

Run mob start 7


You can add hooks to your configuration in ~/.mob to notify you when your turn is over or to take over screen sharing when you start.

after_timer="say 'mob next NEXT_DRIVER'"

Hooks are executed by a sh and can contain two variables:

  • CURRENT_DRIVER: Always the name you configured in ~/.mob
  • NEXT_DRIVER: Next driver or anyone if you are the first in a session. It is empty on all before_* hooks.

The available hooks are:

  • before_start: Run as soon as possible when you run mob start, before checking that it's your turn or that your working directory is clean.
  • after_start: Right after you've started a session with mob start but before the timer started. This is a good hook for taking over the screen.
  • after_timer: Run when your turn ended. The first time you run mob start it tries to find commands to play a sound and show a desktop notification to populate this hook.
  • before_next: Before running mob next, NEXT_DRIVER is not available.
  • after_next: Before running mob next, NEXT_DRIVER is either a name or anyone.
  • before_done: Before the squashing and deleting branches.
  • after_done: After done has been run, NEXT_DRIVER is not available.

How it works

mob uses an orphan branch called mob-meta to save session state and settings. You can view the session content with mob status [-r] and delete it with mob clean.

Session {
    drivers: Drivers(
    branches: Branches {
        branch: "mob-session",
        base_branch: "main",
    settings: Some(
        Settings {
            commit_message: "mob sync [skip ci]",
            work_duration: 10,
    state: Working {
        driver: "Ella",

The session can be in 3 different states:

mob states

Inspiration and other tools

Inspiration for this tool comes from Remote mob programming and their tool mob written in Go.

I did this rewrite to:

  • remember the order of drivers
  • use any branch as base branch, not only master or main
  • know about the state so we get nice warnings instead of git conflicts and lost refs.
  • and of course... rust ;)

To find other tools look at the mob programming timer tag on github


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