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Console tool for streamlining remote mobbing

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A console tool to work in a remote mob (or pair) with git.

  • Handover code fast between drivers
  • Nice timer
  • Remembers order of drivers

mob screen

How to install

cargo install remotemob


  • mob start creates a new feature branch or syncs the branch from the previous driver.
  • mob next commits all changes to the feature branch and hands over to the next driver.
  • mob done stages all changes on the feature branch for commit on the base branch (normally master).

Run mob for help on more commands.


How do I remove all traces of mob from a repo?
  1. Run mob done to remove the mob branch. Either commit the changes or run git reset HEAD --hard to discard changes.
  2. Run mob clean to remove the mob-meta branch.
  3. Delete ~/.mob if you don't want to use mob more
Where is the configuration stored?

Configuration local to you is stored in ~/.mob. Configuration for a repository is stored in an orphan branch named mob-meta.
mob start creates all configuration needed to run. It is always safe to run mob clean to remove the repository config and start fresh.

How do I show current status?

Run mob status

Work duration is set to 15 but we must stop for a meeting in 7 minutes

Run mob start 7

How it works

mob uses an orphan branch called mob-meta to save session state and settings. You can view the session content with mob status and delete it with mob clean.

The session can be in 3 different states:

mob states


Inspiration for this tool comes from Remote mob programming and their tool mob written in Go.


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