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bin+lib relay8x

control a specific 8x relaise card via serial / USB

4 releases

Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.1 Sep 18, 2018
0.1.0 Sep 18, 2018
0.0.2 Sep 18, 2018
0.0.1 Sep 18, 2018

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Apache-2.0 OR MIT

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Library and utility command line tool to communicate with this relaise cards over serial and/or USB interface

Install the binary use cargo install relay8x and read relay8x --help for details on useage.


  • set specific or all relays on or off
  • toggle specific or all relays on or off
  • reset (=turn off) specific or all relays
  • multiple cards on one serial device
  • run custom command


details about communication protocol are in this pdf

Wiring / Setup

One card

  • Jumper JP1 in position 1-2
  • connect to USB


  • Jumper JP1 in position 2-3 for all cards but the last
  • Jumper JP1 at last card in position 1-2
  • connect GND terminals with following card
  • connect Txb of preceeding card with Rxa of following card
  • connect Rxb of preceeding card with Txa of following card


Driver works fine with Linux, during testing intermitted issues with stacked relaise cards appeared only on Windows.


~76K SLoC