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An implementation of split_inclusive for the regex crate

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The regex crate doesn't provide split_inclusive, which is found in the standard library for string, etc. There's an unstable feature that allows a regex to be used as the search pattern for a split, yadda yadda, etc., but who wants to use unstable these days?

Anyway, this library adds split_inclusive and split_inclusive_left, with the difference being that split_inclusive_left places the delimiter at the beginning of the substring, where split_inclusive places it at the end.


First, add the package.

$ cargo add regex-split

Then import regex_split::RegexSplit wherever you'd like to use the extra methods. Consuming the new methods is straightforward.

use regex_split::RegexSplit;

// split_inclusive
let re = Regex::new("\r?\n").unwrap();
let text = "This is just\na set of lines\r\nwith different newlines.";
let v: Vec<&str> = re.split_inclusive(text).collect();

assert_eq!(v, [
    "This is just\n",
    "a set of lines\r\n",
    "with different newlines.",

// split_inclusive_left
let re = Regex::new("(?m)^-").unwrap();
let text = "List of fruits:\n-apple\n-pear\n-banana";
let v: Vec<&str> = re.split_inclusive_left(text).collect();

assert_eq!(v, [
    "List of fruits:\n",

That's pretty much it.


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