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A crate providing compression/decompression for the RefPack compression format, utilized by many early 2000s EA games

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1.0.0 Jan 2, 2022
0.1.0 Nov 14, 2021

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A rust crate for compressing and decompressing data in the RefPack format utilized by many EA games of the early 2000s

More details on the refpack format can be found at the niotso wiki. The short explanation is that RefPack is a compression scheme loosely based on LZ77 compression.

The Original Refpack Implementation was referenced to ensure proper compatibility


refpack-rs exposes two functions: compress and decompress, along with easy variants with easier but less flexible of usage.

compress and decompress take mutable references to a buffer to read and write from, that implements std::io::Read and std::io::Write, respectively.

decompress will read from the buffer until it encounters a stopcode (byte within (0xFC..=0xFF)), while compress will read in the provided length.


let mut out_buf = Cursor::new(vec![]);
decompress(&mut source_reader, &mut out_buf)?;

The easy variants are compress_easy and decompress_easy, which take a &[u8] and return a Result<Vec<u8>, RefPackError>.

Internally they simply call compress and decompress with a Cursor to the input and output buffers, however they are more convenient to use in many cases.


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