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Redirection IO Library to handle matching rule, redirect and filtering headers and body

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2.11.2 May 17, 2024
2.11.0 Feb 27, 2024
2.9.0 Oct 2, 2023
2.8.0 May 26, 2023
2.4.0 Aug 3, 2022

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Contains (obscure autoconf code, 2KB) configure.ac


rust library that process redirect and filtering from rules coming of https://redirection.io/

This library is mainly used in proxies and agent of redirectionio.


You only to install this library if you wish to compile apache or nginx proxies or build the web assembly module.


You need rust and cargo to compile this library, to install on your system run the following commands:

autoreconf -i

You can run make install (with root permissions) to install this library into your system, this is required if you need to compile some of our modules against this library.


Some tests are generated. Templates are located in tests/templates folder. If you update them, you need to run cargo build to (re)generate the tests.


This crate provides a library for matching, handling and logging http requests with redirectionio rule format.


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