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More usable UNIX file permissions interface

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Readable Unix Permissions

Data types for the UNIX file permissions model. Convertable to and from mode_t.


Crate is designed to give finer and more sane control over mode_t, so there are multiple ways of using the Permissions struct.

All the below functions are const fn on nightly.

Creating from mode

let perms = Permissions::from_mask(0o644); // Any value above 0u777 is truncated.

Creating through builder-pattern

You can add masks with add_mask()

let perms = Permissions::new()
	.add_mask(User::Owner, Bit::Read | Bit::Write)
	.add_mask(User::Group, Bit::Read);

And remove them with remove_mask()

let perms = Permissions::from_mask(0o777)
	.remove_mask(User::Other, Bit::Write | Bit::Execute)
	.remove_mask(User::Group, Bit::Write);


You can check which modes are set with has_mask().

let perms = Permissions::from_mask(0o754);
assert!(perms.has_mask(User::Owner, Bit::Mask));
assert!(perms.has_mask(User::Group, Bit::Read | Bit::Execute));
assert!(perms.has_mask(User::Other, Bit::Read));

We also derive PartialEq<u32>, to compare with mode_t directly.

let perms = Permissions::from_mask(0o644);

assert_eq!(perms, 0o644);

Extension trait

We also define an extension trait on target family unix that follows std::os::unix::fs::PermissionsExt. See ext.rs for details.

use readable_perms::PermissionsExt as UnixPermsExt;
use std::os::unix::fs::PermissionsExt;

fn do_thing(file: &mut std::fs::File)
	let perms = file.metadata().unwrap().permissions().unix();
	println!("Perms are {}", perms);

Modifying permissions

With default feature chmod enabled, also define extension traits for modifying permissions on types that implement AsRawFd (like std::fs::File), and AsRef<Path>.

use readable_perms::{FChmodExt,ChmodExt};

fn mod_path<P: AsRef<Path>>(path: P)
	path.chmod(Permissions::from_mask(0o644)).expect("Uh oh")

fn mod_file(file: &mut std::fs::File)
	file.chmod(Permissinos::from_mask(0u777)).expect("Uh oh")


On nightly, most functions are const fn incuring no runtime cost for constant definitions. On stable, not so. Either way, we define a global const lookup table, so that conversions are as fast as a memory lookup.

Adding and removing the masks is usually 1 or two bitwise operations. TODO: Benchmark these?


Type Value
Conversions from mode 159 ns/iter (+/- 15)
Conversions to mode 162 ns/iter (+/- 15)


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