Cargo Features

re_types has no features set by default.

re_types = { version = "0.14.0-rc.4", features = ["all", "datagen", "ecolor", "egui_plot", "glam", "image", "serde", "testing"] }
all = ecolor, egui_plot, glam, image, mint, serde

All features except testing.


Enables the datagen module, which exposes a number of tools for generating random data for tests and benchmarks.

Enables rand

Affects re_types::datagen

ecolor all?

Enable color conversions.

Enables ecolor

External (optional)

egui_plot all?

Enable conversions to plot primitives

Enables egui_plot

glam all?

Add support for some math operations using glam.

Enables glam ^0.22


image all?

Integration with the image crate, plus JPEG support.

Enables ecolor, image, zune-core, and zune-jpeg

Affects tensor_data::TensorImageLoadError, tensor_data::TensorImageSaveError

serde all?

Enable (de)serialization using serde.

Enables serde


Include testing archetypes/components/datatypes into the crate.
Only useful for testing purposes.

Affects re_types::testing

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

mint all?