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app rcrawl

A command line program which recursively searches for a named file or directory

13 stable releases

1.2.1 Oct 10, 2021
1.2.0 Dec 1, 2020
1.1.7 Nov 23, 2020
1.1.5 Jul 25, 2020
1.1.2 Jun 25, 2020

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rcrawl 1.2.1

Searches for a given file or directory using multiple threads and prints its path to stdout.


rcrawl [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <root_directory> <filename>


  • -a, --all

    A flag indicating wether to search all files including hidden files

  • -h, --help

    Prints help information

  • -R, --regex

    A flag indicating wether the search expression is a regular expression

  • -r, --relative

    A flag indicating that relative rather than full files paths should be returned

  • -s, --single

    A flag indicating only the first found item should be output (equivalent to --max_items 1)

  • -V, --version

    Prints version information

  • -v, --verbose

    A flag indicating wether to print verbose information


  • -d, --max_depth <max_depth>

    The maximum depth to recursively search to

  • -i, --max_items <max_items>

    The maximum number of results to return

  • -t, --threads <threads>

    The number of threads to use to search for


  • <root_directory>

    The name of the root directory to start searching from

  • <filename>

    The name of the file/directory to search for

Author: Rafi Levy


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