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Push based streaming parser for xml

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0.1.0 Apr 21, 2022

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API documentation

Warning: This library is alpha quality, so no guarantees are given.

This crate provides a push based XML parser library that trades well-formedness for error recovery.

rbatis_xml_parser is based largely on html5ever parser, so if you have experience with html5ever you will be familiar with rbatis_xml_parser.

The library is dual licensed under MIT and Apache license.

#Why you should use rbatis_xml_parser

Main use case for this library is when XML is badly formatted, usually from bad XML templates. XML5 tries to handle most common errors, in a manner similar to HTML5.

When you should use it?

  • You aren't interested in well-formed documents.
  • You need to get some info from your data even if it has errors (although not all possible errors are handled).
  • You want to features like character references or xml namespaces.

When you shouldn't use it

  • You need to have your document validated.
  • You require DTD support.
  • You require an easy to use parser, with lots of extensions (e.g. XPath, XQuery).
  • You require a battle tested, industry proven solution.


Add rbatis_xml_parser as a dependency in your project manifest.

    rbatis_xml_parser = "0.1.3"

And add crate declaration in your lib.rs

    extern crate rbatis_xml_parser

#Getting started

Here is a very simple RcDom backed parser:

    let input = "<xml></xml>".to_tendril();

    // To parse XML into a tree form, we need a TreeSink
    // luckily rbatis_xml_parser comes with a static RC backed tree represetation.
    let dom: RcDom = parse(std::iter::once(input), Default::default());

    // Do something with dom

The thing that does actual parsing is the parse function. It expects an iterator that can be converted into StrTendril, so you can use std::iter::once(input) or Some(input).into_iter() (where input is StrTendril like structure).


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