Cargo Features

rav1e = { version = "0.7.1", default-features = false, features = ["unstable", "channel-api", "decode_test", "decode_test_dav1d", "binaries", "git_version", "asm", "threading", "signal_support", "dump_ivf", "quick_test", "desync_finder", "check_asm", "capi", "tracing", "scenechange", "serialize", "wasm", "bench", "dump_lookahead_data"] }
default = asm, binaries, git_version, signal_support, threading

These default features are set whenever rav1e is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.


Affects common::CliOptions.slots, common::ParsedCliOptions.slots, api::channel

Required by the rav1e-ch binary

channel-api = crossbeam

Affects api::channel

Required by the rav1e-ch binary

decode_test = aom-sys
decode_test_dav1d = dav1d-sys

Affects fuzzing::fuzz_encode_decode

binaries default = av-metrics, clap, clap_complete, console, fern, ivf, nom, scan_fmt, y4m

Required by rav1e and rav1e-ch binaries

git_version build default

Enables git2 of built

asm default = cc, nasm-rs
threading default

Enables threads of maybe-rayon

signal_support default = signal-hook
dump_ivf = ivf
desync_finder = backtrace

Affects cdf_context::ContextWriter.fc_map

capi = scan_fmt

Affects rav1e::capi

tracing = tracing-chrome, tracing-subscriber

Enables tracing, profile-with-tracing of profiling


Affects rav1e::scenechange

serialize = serde, serde-big-array, toml

Enables serialize of av1-grain and v_frame

wasm = wasm-bindgen

Affects rav1e::bench

dump_lookahead_data = byteorder, image

Enables debug dumping of lookahead computation results, specifically:
- i-qres.png: quarter-resolution luma planes,
- i-hres.png: half-resolution luma planes,
- i-mvs.bin: motion vectors,
- i-imps.bin: block importances,
- i-activity_scales.bin: spatial scales,
- i-distortion_scales.bin: temporal scales,
- i-spatiotemporal_scales.bin,
- i-thresholds.bin: segmentation thresholds.

Affects encoder::Scales

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

clap binaries
clap_complete binaries
y4m binaries
backtrace desync_finder?
serde serialize?
dav1d-sys decode_test_dav1d?

Enables libdav1d-sys ^0.6.0

aom-sys decode_test?
scan_fmt binaries capi?
ivf binaries dump_ivf?
av-metrics binaries
crossbeam channel-api?
toml serialize?
byteorder dump_lookahead_data?
console binaries
fern binaries
wasm-bindgen wasm?
nom binaries
serde-big-array serialize?
tracing-subscriber tracing?
tracing-chrome tracing?
cc build asm
image dump_lookahead_data?
nasm-rs build asm

Enables nasm-rs ^0.2

signal-hook unix signal_support