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A simple static password generator. Generated passwords are 20 characters, lower and uppercase and contain special characters by default.


I got frustrated with generating passwords which met the required complexity.

There are a few implementations around, but their licensing meant they cannot be used in a professional setting.

Moreover, they require explicit flags to enable a specific complication (i.e.: special chars, uppercase); randompass has them enabled by default and the user can disable them instead.

Finally, they do not guarantee that the required complexity has been met (i.e.: the password might not contain a required complication).


Building from source
cargo install randompass
Using precompiled binaries

Precompiled binaries are available for multiple architectures in Releases.


For a specific length of, say 32, use:

randompass --length 32

For full options, run:

randompass --help


aarch64 and amd64 dockers are available.

Run the following command to pull the image and just generate a random password.

docker run --rm mihaigalos/randompass

Similar work

pass-rs, randpas, randompassword.


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