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rusty-diceware - a password generator using wordlists

Commandline Diceware (Wayback Machine mirror), with or without dice, written in rustlang.

Please use Gitlab for anything whatsoever. Github is just a mirror.


Inspired by the great passphrase generating solution Diceware (Wayback Machine mirror) invented by Arnold G. Reinhold (Wayback Machine mirror) and by Randall Monroe’s xkcd#936:

“Hidden” alt text jokes are a pain in the ass.


Usage: diceware [options]

    -h, --help          This help message.
    -e, --entropy       Display number of entropy bits.
    -r, --dicerolls     Provide results of physical dice rolls. Word per line,
                        same digit order as in the files, digits between and
                        including 1 and 6.
    -n, --nword NWORD   Number of words in a passphrase.
    -d, --delimiter DELIM
                        The delimiter character used to separate the words.
    -f, --wordlist-file FILE
                        Path to a wordlist file.
    -l, --wordlist WORDLIST
                        Wordlist to use. (efflong (default), effshort1,
                        effshort2, minilock, reinhold, or beale)



Say hello, chat, and/or lurch, aka "community"

You can say hello and/or rant about how terrible rusty-diceware is in the #rusty-diceware:matrix.org chat room.


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