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This project implements quickwit's search API.


Quickwit relies on a pool of stateless search servers. All search-servers are identical and are meant to be queried using a simple load balancer.

The server which receives the query acts as the root server for the time of the query.

The root role is to coordinate the work of the leaf servers:

  • it interprets the user query
  • queries the meta store to identify the list of relevant index splits
  • dispatch the work to the leaf
  • gathers and merge the leaf results.

The leaf servers are in charge of performing the actual search task on their assigned subset of index splits.

A search request on one split typically works in phases

  • downloading the hotcache and opening the directory
  • download all of the data of required for the query phase on the split
  • performing the query_search_phase
  • if required, performing the fetch_docs_phase.


This projects implements quickwit's search API.


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