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0.1.5 Aug 24, 2023
0.1.4 Aug 21, 2023

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history files located $HOME/.quec/ C:\\Users\\USERNAME\\AppData\\Roaming\\quec

wont fix issues

non-ascii characters that are not 1 char long messes stuff up

0 width ascii characters are deleted

tab looks like space

windows files are converted to linux

requires modern terminal on windows, like windows terminal


i edit mode

esc exit all modes

h left

l right

j down

k up

0 move to beginning of line

$ move to end of line

ins insert mode

page down move 1 page down

page up move 1 page up

home to start of file

end to end of file

y copy line

d cut line

p print line

w save

s save as

o open file

` go to next file

~ go to last file

q quit

u undo

U redo

R replace all

g goto line #

/ search mode

v greek mode