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qfetch is a simple fetch tool inspired by pfetch, but written in rust

8 breaking releases

0.9.1 Jul 16, 2022
0.8.0 Jun 13, 2022

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qfetch is a tool that fetches info about your linux install.

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  • /proc/meminfo with the following fields:
    • MemTotal in the 1st line
    • MemFree in the 2nd line
    • MemAvailable in the 3rd line
  • GNU Coreutils with the df command
  • /etc/os-release with the following fields:
  • Rust and Cargo of course!
  • Optionally you can install make to build the app

Installation via wake

  • Clone the repo
  • Install the dependencies
  • Run wake to build
  • Run wake -s .wake/install.Wakefile to install

Installation via make

  • Clone the repo
  • Install the dependencies
  • Run make to build the app
  • Run sudo make install to install the app
  • Run qfetch to see the output

Installation via cargo build

  • Clone the repository
  • Install the dependencies and rust via rustup
  • Run cargo build -r to build the executable
  • Your executable is target/release/qfetch, go ahead and run/install it somewhere

Installation using cargo

  • Dead simple, run cargo install qfetch

Ubuntu binaries are available in releases tab

Installation on Arch Linux or Arch Based Distros

Available on AUR (I officialy maintain it)

Available on AUR (Maintained by kleintux)


  • Before creating an issue please check out the wiki
  • If the previous step didn't help, create an issue!
  • In tty the app may not display some data, try running it in a DE (if DE is null or empty then it will not display terminal and some other stuff)


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