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A Rust library for interacting with ioq3 (Quake 3) based game servers

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0.3.3 Feb 2, 2023
0.3.2 Feb 2, 2023
0.2.0 Oct 8, 2021
0.1.4 Sep 11, 2021

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A Rust library for interacting with ioq3 (Quake 3) based game servers.

GitHub issues MIT license

Getting Started

Quick Example

use q3tool::Q3Tool;

fn main() {
    let q = Q3Tool::new("someserverhost:27960", Some("supersecretpassword".to_owned()));
    let server_info = q.get_status().unwrap();
    // Print all public server c_vars
    for (k, v) in server_info.vars() {
        println!("{}: {}", k, v);

    // Print a single server c_var
    println!("Hostname: {}", server_info.vars().get("sv_hostname").unwrap());

    // Print all players
    for player in server_info.players() {
        println!("Name: {}, Score: {}, Ping: {}", player.name(), player.score(), player.ping());

    let response = q.rcon("map ut4_casa").unwrap();

Current Status

Q3Tool is essentially feature-complete. RCON is finally implemented and it is able to retrieve data from any compatible ioq3 server that I can test. If you encounter any bugs, please don't hesitate to open an issue.

There shouldn't be any breaking changes in the public facing API at this point.

Running the tests

cargo test


This project is licensed under the MIT License


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